Announcing L’Art de La Guerre Tournament

We have a new tournament, and a small vendor update. And while I have your attention, rememeber to pre-register to lock in your discount. Also, if you pre-register in the next 30 minutes, Siege Director Drew Gaddy will personally come to your home and serenade you and your loved ones over dinner in a Borat-inspired swimsuit.

Also, we have plenty of space for more games! Head to the Events page and stake your claim before all the good slots are taken. For those of you who are planning on running a Crusades-themed game in honor of the Siege theme, know that we brainstorming on how to do something special for you. It could be macaroni art done by my 2-year-old daughter, or it could be a solid gold bust of Teutonic Order founder Grand Master Heinrich Walpot von Bassenheim (gesundheit!); there’s only one way to find out.


This year we have a new ancients tournament, coming to us courtesy of Kurt Holmes. The ruleset, L’Art de La Guerre, in my opinion, is an elegant compromise between DBM and Field of Glory, and we are playing a lot of it here in Augusta right now. If you’re interested in joining, sign up fast and pre-register; there are only 12 slots in this tourney. Head over the Tournaments page for more information.


The Goblin’s Closet
Bryant Williams is coming to our vendor’s section this year. He requested that we, under NO circumstances, mention his original working vendor title, “Bryant’s Holy Crap I’ve Got Way Too Much Stuff Panic Attack Flea Market”. Today, we honor that request.