Pre-registration is open! Plus: Tournaments and Vendors!

Pre-registration is now open! Head on over to the attendee registration page to get your pre-reg discount. Don’t be caught paying full price at the door! And while I have your attention, did you know anyone can host a game at the Siege? Head over to the events page and stake your claim. Still plenty of primo tables and time slots, but they won’t last forever!


The Siege of Augusta is totally non-profit, and all of our staff are volunteers. Making the Siege works takes a lot of help from our friends who provide material support. This includes prize support, and I can’t stress enough how thankful we are for their help in enriching our awards, raffles, and other fundraising activities. Here is a list of some of our sponsors this year; as this list grows, we’ll add to it.

Alien Lab Creator
Seriously cool stuff. Miniatures, bases, and terrain.

Augusta Book Exchange
Augusta’s very own. Comics, books, games, and everything in between. Also coming to our vendor section!

Miniature Market
Board games, card games, RPG’s, and gaming accessories.


The Augusta Kings of War GT event is returning to the Siege this year. This is a huge tournament, and serves as is the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern qualifier for the US Masters. This is a 2250-point tournament.

Also returning is our Bolt-Action tournament, a mainstay of the Siege for several years now. We have Warhammer 40K tournament returning, as well, and a new X-Wing tournament.

Watch the Tournament page for more information as it becomes available.


Our vendor friends are also important to the well-being of the Siege. Your patronage is greatly appreciated, and contributes to the success of the convention.

Miniature Building Authority
They seem to be the authority on miniature buildings. We have not asked them for credentials, because you should never question authority.

Discover Games
Board games, card games, role-playing games, miniature games. Games, games, games.

Dogs of War Gaming
*opens wallet*
*hands it over*

Impudent Mortal
Laser-cut buildings, paint racks, vehicles, and much more!

Also coming to our vendor section:

Augusta Book Exchange (see Sponsors!)

Birdeye’s Emporium

Gossett Williams Market