What we are

The Siege of Augusta is a yearly HMGS Midsouth Historical Miniature Gaming convention dedicated to miniature table-top gaming, and has been the CSRA’s premiere gaming event for 25 years.

Numerous events are hosted by our members and attendees including competitive tournament play in the most popular historical and fantasy periods and game systems. Historical Miniature Wargaming has been our main focus. However, we encourage and welcome gaming in many areas. Board gaming, science fiction and fantasy genres are welcome and enjoyed. We strive to provide a family friendly environment for the enjoyment of all ages. We believe in encouraging continued learning through the understanding and simulation of historical conflict.

We also believe in developing an atmosphere of fair play and positive social interaction that can only be found across the game table with new and old friends alike. More detailed information is available on our Facebook page.

More detailed registration, dealer, and event information will be available as we approach the convention.