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Pre-registration ends tomorrow!


This is your last chance to get your pre-registration discount! After this time tomorrow (Wednesday the 9th), you’ll have to wait until the ‘Con opens to register. If you’ve signed up for a tournament that grants extra bennies for pre-registration, this is it; you’ve waited long enough! Take a look at our events page, and… Read More »

Announcing L’Art de La Guerre Tournament


We have a new tournament, and a small vendor update. And while I have your attention, rememeber to pre-register to lock in your discount. Also, if you pre-register in the next 30 minutes, Siege Director Drew Gaddy will personally come to your home and serenade you and your loved ones over dinner in a Borat-inspired… Read More »

Pre-registration is open! Plus: Tournaments and Vendors!


Pre-registration is now open! Head on over to the attendee registration page to get your pre-reg discount. Don’t be caught paying full price at the door! And while I have your attention, did you know anyone can host a game at the Siege? Head over to the events page and stake your claim. Still plenty of… Read More »

Siege of Augusta XXVIII

The Crusades: Siege of AugustaWelcome to the Siege of Augusta XXVIII! This year we highlight the Crusades!

The Crusades were a series of religious wars between Christian Europe and Muslim Arabs that ran between 1099 and 1410. It ran alongside the Spanish Reconquista (718-1492). During the course of the Crusades, the Jerusalem changed hands 44 times, and was completely destroyed twice. Constantinople fell, ending the Eastern Roman Empire. Spain expelled the last of the Moors from Western Europe.

Pope Urban II intended the Crusades to unite all of Christendom; instead, it led to the defeat and absorption of half of it by the Turks. Nevertheless, it succeeded in opening the Mediterranean, leading to the ascendence of Italian merchant ports. Furthermore, it introduced into the Western European the ideal knight, full of chivalry, honor, and adventure that has inspired our culture and the stories we tell ever since.

Were the Crusades a genuine attempt to rescue the Holy Land from vicious pagan hordes? A misguided and needless provocation? Or a simply an opportunity for worldly and avaricious European nobles to scheme for lands, titles, and trade routes? Read more and decide for yourself.

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Double Tree Augusta, GA

Hotel Information

As in past years, The Siege of Augusta will be held at the Doubletree Hilton.

Doubletree by Hilton
2651 Perimeter Parkway
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 855-8100

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