Below is the most up-to-date list of events for Siege of Augusta XXVI. New events will be added as soon as they are available. If you would like to register an event, use the form on this page or send an email to (also CC so this page gets updated as soon as possible!).

Event: Battle of Midway
Host: Glenn Price
Genre: WWII Naval/Air
Ruleset: Major Bill’s Sound General Quarters
Players: 2+
Description: Battle of Midway using Major Bill’s game system with aircraft rules tailored to fit. Can the IJN pull off a victory or are they doomed to loose again? Find out.

Event: Battletech
Host: Ronald Randall
Genre: 6mm Scifi
Ruleset: Total Warfare
Players: 3 to 10
Description: Battle For Irian
In Neat Little Rows Attacking Forces are trying to Advance through a Wooded Sector to Capture the Mech Factory

Event: SAGA Pillage the Village!
Host: Mike Mihalas
Genre: Dark Ages Skirmish
Ruleset: SAGA
Players: 2-8
Description: Bring your own painted SAGA warband to pillage the village for loot and livestock! Points and pairings will be determined based on number of players. This is a light scenario with random elements, not a tournament.

Bring a painted warband of at least 4 points plus your battle board, dice, and measuring sticks and be ready for some Dark Age mayhem!

Event: Battle for the Twin Villages
Host: Thomas J. Thomas
Genre: 20mm WWII
Ruleset: Combat Command
Description: The green but fanatical 12th SS launch an all out assault to smash through the US defense centered around the twin villages in the first days of the Battle of the Bulge. The veteran but war weary 2nd Infantry division must stop the advance and stem the tide of the great final German offensive. Both sides have infantry, tanks and artillery and must use each effectively to prevail.

Played using the innovative Combat Command rule system, featuring an integrated sequence of play which emphasis command control and combined arms. Beginners are welcome as the rules are easy to learn. Combat Command is available through WarGames Vault.

Event: Operation Ke
Host: Mark Luther
Genre: WWII air combat
Ruleset: Check Your 6
Players: 4 to 8
Description: We’ll do one of the air battles over the Japanese destroyer evacuation force that successfully withdrew their units from Guadalcanal between 14 January and 7 February 1943. Combat involved both army and navy forces from both nations so a lot of variety in these actions.

Event: Dawn attack on Havana harbor
Host: David Ferguson
Genre: Napolionic Naval
Ruleset: my own
Players: 2 to 6
Description: The French fleet has arrived and is at anchor in the impregnable Spanish harbor of Havana, With assurances form the islands Governor that no one could ever get past his enlarged fort and patrolling ships. The French Admirals and Captains excepted the invitation to a three day ball in there honor. Little did they know it was just what the British had been waiting for, a surprise attack on the third day.

Event: Age of Sail
Host: David Ferguson
Genre: French revolution
Ruleset: My Own
Players: 2-6
Description: French ships have been slowly massing at the Spanish port of Havana for several months. In that time the British have discovered through there spies that the combined fleet once provision will attack all shipping in the Caribbean. In order to stop this, the British will attack the port and destroy the French ship at anchor. Only one thing stands in there way, the Spanish and their massive fort guarding the entrance. Beginners welcome

Event: Foodfight
Host: Ronald Holden
Genre: ‘Survivor’-type in the Cafeteria
Ruleset: Home Grown Rules
Players: 6
Description: The students at Sweet Valley High are up in arms! The facility has become a battleground, as each student joins a clique to engage the opposition. Up to six players each select a clique of 4 students and will do battle in the lunchroom until only one is left.

Home-grown rule-set is easy to learn and is a great warm-up for more intense gaming. Good experiance for 1st-timers and experienced players alike.

Event: Wooden Ships & Iron Men: Algeciras
Host: Phil Lewis
Genre: Napoleonic Age of Sail
Ruleset: Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Players: 2-6
Description: July 1801: Can the elite Royal Navy stop the French fleet at Algeciras before it resupplies troops in Egypt? The French are protected by Spanish guns and treacherous shoals.

Event: Battle of Bir el Gubi, 15 Nov 1941
Host: Don Harting
Genre: WWII 15mm Armor
Ruleset: Flames of War (FOW) ver. 3.0
Players: 2-8
Description: A classic Western Desert tank battle during Operation Crusader where the British 22nd Armored Brigade met the Italian Ariete Division in one of the campaigns opening battles. A great introductory game to Flames of War with historical forces and determined Italian defenders. No prior FOW experience needed.

Event: Bombardment of Yarmouth, prelude to Jutland
Host: Don Harting
Genre: WWI Naval 1/1250th scale
Ruleset: Sound General Quarters (home rules)
Players: 2-8
Description: On 24 Apr 1916 the German High Sea Fleet sailed to support their 1st Battlecruiser Sqd as they bombarded the English coastal town of Yarmouth in an effort to draw out the British battlecruisers and trap them. The battle of Jutland could have occurred in Apr rather than in late May. Find out why not in this easy to play, but realistic naval game using Maj. Bill’s Sound General Quarters rule set. New players welcome.

Event: Battle for the Iron Throne
Host: Thomas J. Thomas
Genre: Fantistorical
Ruleset: A Game of Fire and Ice (DBA modified)
Players: 8
Description: Battle for the Iron Throne
Command one of the great houses of Westeros and win the Iron Throne. Each player will choose one great house and then assemble a coalition of other houses to do battle for the Iron Throne. A series of linked battles with new coalitions forming behind either the current king or latest pretender will determine the eventual winner. An ally in one game may be a mortal enemy in the next.
Each battle will be played out using A Game of Fire and Ice (a variant of De Bellis Antiquitatis – DBA), a quick play system of medieval war. The game is easy to learn and beginners are welcome. Armies representing Lannisters, Greyjoys, Starks, Baratheons, Freys, Tullys, Martells and many others will be provided (but you can bring your own if you wish). Battles will take about 60 minutes to resolve and players can participate in as many battles as they want.

Event: The Greatest Day
Host: Bill Speer
Genre: WWII Boardgame
Ruleset: Grand Tactical Series
Description: We will be playing the “Oh Canada: Scenario, the landing of the 3rd Canadian Division: “The Canadians had received their baptism of fire on the beaches of Dieppe in August of 1942. Although a dismal failure by any measure, the lessons learned from the disaster were very important to the success of June 6. The division selected to invade at the pivotal middle beach (JUNO) was the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division commanded by Major General R. F. L. Keller. With support from the 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade and the “funnies” of the 79th Armoured Division, this proud division, which fought at the Somme, Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele, was to have its first fight of this war on the shores of Normandy. Some 14,000 Canadians stormed Juno beach on June 6, 1944 but the war’s fate rested on the 3,000 Canadians in the vital first wave of the attack. For the first two days, the Canadians were to prove the most successful of the three invading Commonwealth beaches, almost reaching the “Oak” line in just two days.”

Event: Walking Dead: All Out War Demo
Host: Roll for Damage
Genre: Fantasy Horror
Ruleset: Walking Dead: All Out War
Players: Any
Description: All Out War is a game of fast-paced, head-to-head skirmishes in the world of the Walking Dead. Assemble a group of your favorite characters from best-selling comic series, kit them out with a variety of weapons, items and abilities, and battle to achieve dominance in the Walker-strewn Atlanta cityscape.

Experience first-hand the desperate struggle for survival faced by Rick and his companions as you negotiate constant threats from both the living and the dead. This is gaming as it should be – fast, furious and fun!

Demo table will include products from the Core Set. Expansions and core set will be available for purchase

Event: Cold War Gone Hot
Host: Michael Baker
Genre: 6mm Modern Warfare
Companies: Battlefront, GHQ, C in C
Ruleset: Team Yankee, Cold War Gone Hot
Players: 2 to 6
Description: Come and take part in an alternate time line where the Soviets jump off a conventional assault on Western Europe. Russian Armor is moving in on an important crossroads that NATO has hold at all cost.

Event: Fight for the Westfold (Lord of the Rings)
Host: Michael Baker
Genre: 25mm Fantasy Skirmish
Players: 2-8
Description: In the days leading up to War Isengard sent out raiding parties to destroy human settlements within striking distance in the Westfold.
Forces to Include:

  • Riders of Rohan
  • Warriors of Rohan, Local militia on foot
  • Local farmer’s levy and civilians
  • Party of Elves on foot
  • Party of Gondor Rangers
  • Isenguard Pikemen
  • Isenguard Swordsmen
  • Warg Riders
  • Orcs

Beginners Welcome

Event: Star Hunt, Star Navy 5150
Host: Michael Baker
Companies: Two Hour War Games, Miniatures by Star Wars Miniatures Battles CCG, and Spartan Games Firestorm Armada
Genre: 1/1200 Science Fiction Star Ship Combat
Players: 2-8
Description: Seek out and Destroy the Terran Squadrons that are trying to infiltrate Aquan colony area. This will involve a series of find and fix engagements between the two fleets. The Terrans are trying to get a strike team to the colony, the Aquans are trying to prevent it. Prize Support provided by Two Hour Wargames.

Event: Treasure Ships
Host: Mike Baker, Ambassador, Amarillo Design Bureau
Genre: Sci-fi
Ruleset: Star Fleet Battles Cadet Game
Players: 2-6
Description: Beginners Welcome.

A group of Freighters is transiting the asteroid fields of Kinsasha system on the western side of the Alpha Quadrant, when they are set upon by raiders. While slow, these craft are far from defenseless and the raiders will need to watch their step, or the Turkey shoot just might get reversed. Polities involved will include Klingon, Orion, Kzitnti, Federation, and Frax.

This will be a Beginner’s Cadet level game and will not require any energy allocation, just flying and shooting….And Dodging Asteroids…

Event: Le Printemps en France
Host: George Carr, Jr.
Genre: 100 Years War
Ruleset: Hail Caesar
Players: 6-8
Description: A French vanguard has caught an English chevauchee with nowhere to run. With only moments to prepare, this will not be a repeat off Agincourt…

Event: WW1 Airplanes
Host: Shawn Dorsey
Genre: WW1
Ruleset: Airdrome1.1
Players: 2 up to 12
Description: WW1 airplanes in 1/72 Dogfighting. You can chose which country to fly for to get small prizes.

Event: War of the Worlds
Host: Tom Fisher
Genre: Sci-Fi
Players: 6
Description: Its 1920 and the second Great Martian Invasion is under way. As the Martians head towards London the Royal Martian Defense Force has been mobilized to stop them. Can the Brits hold the line with their infantry, steam tanks, and hidden artillery, or will the martian tripods and ground troops win the day! Come to merry old England and join the fight.

Event: “The Emperor has Risen”
Host: Tom Fisher
Genre: Pulp
Players: 8
Description: Its 1925 and south of Casablanca is an archaeological dig lead by professor Duke Morrison. The professor and his associates have stumbled upon the tomb of Emperor Tin-Tin-Con and his Queen,”The Angel of the Desert”. Morrison has decided to move the Angel back to his base camp for safe keeping before returning for the Emperor. Inadvertently when he removed her from the tomb he triggered the rising of the Emperor and his giant undead skeleton army. Now that army has been ordered to save their Queen. The French Foreign Legion has been called in to protect the archaeologists and the Angel, and to destroy the Emperor and his skeleton army. Can the Legion win the day or will the skeletons save their Queen? Come join the fight to decide the fate of “The “Angel of the Desert”.

Event: Saving Private Ryan
Host: Les Faison
Genre: WWII
Ruleset: Skirmish Sanguin WWII Modified
Players: 4
Description: This is based on the movie Saving Private Ryan. Replay the 3 fights Captain John Miller and his Rangers faced while looking for Ryan.

Event: The Raid on Gernab Flats, Jul 21, 1755
Host: Bob Moon
Genre: French & Indian War
Ruleset: Brother vs Brother/Reg’t F & F
Players: 6-8
Description: A combined French force of Regulars,/Marines/Cdn Militia & allied Indians under the command of experienced Maj de Belestre’, launch an attack near Herkimer, New York on a British outpost. So pick up your musket and decide which King you will bleed for!

Event: The Raid on German Flats, Jul 21, 1755
Host: Bob Moon
Genre: French & Indian War
Ruleset: Muskets & Tomahawks
Players: 6-8
Description: A combined French force of Regulars/Marines/Cdn Militia & Indian allies under the command of the mexperienced Maj de Belestre’, launch an attack near Herkimer, New York against a British outpost. So pick up your Musket and decide which King you will bleed for!

Event: The Battle of Quebec, Sept 16, 1759
Host: Bob Moon
Genre: French & Indian War
Ruleset: Brother vs Brother/Reg’t F & F
Players: 8-10
Description: Gen’l Wolfe landed his army at the Anse au Foulon, climbed the cliffs & moved across the open “Plains of Abraham” stopping 1 mile from Quebec. Gen’l Montcalm said “This is serious business” & brought his army out to fight! Several “what if’s” will be in play. Which King will you bleed for?

Event: Battle of Cape Esperance
Host: Bruce Schaper
Genre: WW 2 Pacific
Ruleset: Tide of War home rules
Players: 2-8
Description: 11 October 42. Once again the Japanese are roaring down the slot to put a thumping on the Marines on the ‘Canal. Intercepting them is a scratch team of US cruisers and destroyers. Fast paced, easy to learn rules.

Event: Pelelui Amphibious Assault
Host: Bruce Schaper
Genre: WW 2 Pacific
Ruleset: Panzer Marsch
Players: 4
Description: Each player will control 3 landing craft and the marines aboard them. They will attempt to move to the shore and work their way inland against a determined and well entrenched foe.

Event: Deathwatch
Host: Ben Haygood
Genre: Sci-Fi
Ruleset: Warhammer 40k Roleplay: Deathwatch (modified)
Players: 4-10
Description: The planet of Norcross IV is lost. Orks have arrived in incredible numbers and are driving the defenders back steadily. With nowhere else to turn, the Governor requests the aid of the Deathwatch. Take control of one of the Imperium’s finest Space Marines and fight hordes of enemies to save a planet. Kid-Friendly.

Event: In Search of El Dorado
Host: Nick Stock
Genre: 16th Century Conquistadors
Ruleset: Congo (with mods for 16th Century)
Players: 2-4
Description: Lead a tiny band of ruthless conquistadors, keen to topple an empire and enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams, or command brave Inca warriors, trying to stop them. And watch out for the Antis, who are just looking for a tasty snack…

Event: Stop the Gothas!
Host: Walter Harris
Genre: WWI Air Combat
Ruleset: Wings of Glory
Players: up to 8
Description: The Germans are sending in the Gotha bombers and the Entente must stop them! New players welcome.

Event: Introduction to Sharp Practice 2
Host: Walter Harris
Genre: Napoleonic
Ruleset: Sharp Practice 2
Players: up to 4
Description: If you haven’t played Sharp Practice 2, and would like to learn this brilliant ruleset with a RPG bent to it, this session will be for you. I will teach up to 4 player a sample game.

Event: Battle of Corunna
Host: Walter Harris
Genre: Napoleonic
Ruleset: Sharp Practice 2
Players: 3-5
Description: The British are in retreat from Napoleon. They arrive in Corunna, but find that their fleet has not yet arrived. Moore, with only a few Ships of the Line and small transports, has to await for the fleet to arrive as Napoleon’s forces bare down. The British must hold out for as long as possible!

Event: Star Fleet Operation Wedge
Host: Phil Lewis
Genre: Science Fiction
Ruleset: Starmada/Klingon Armada
Players: 2-6
Description: Can a small Federation fleet destroy an isolated Klingon battleship before reinforcements arrive? Starmada/Klingon Armada is a fleet combat game set in the Star Fleet Universe.

Event: Check Your 6! Sinai ’73
Host: Phil Lewis
Genre: Air Combat
Ruleset: Check Your 6! Jet Age
Players: 2-8
Description: Israeli Phantoms take on Egyptian MiGs over the Sinai during the October 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Event: Check Your 6! Operation Husky
Host: Phil Lewis
Genre: Air Combat
Ruleset: Check Your 6!
Players: 6
Description: After success in North Africa, American pilots attempt to take control of the skies over Sicily.

Event: Operation: Steel Wraith
Host: James Hunsinger
Genre: 15mm Sci Fi
Ruleset: Gruntz
Players: 6 (Might be able to accommodate more if there is interest.
Description: 2245 AD, Two mercenary units, Black Rhino Tactical Solutions and 87th Warhorse Regiment clash over an industrial refinery complex on a distant jungle world.

Event: France 1918: With Tanks of their Own
Host: Chris Pagano
Genre: WWI
Ruleset: Idiotic and Useless Rules
Players: 7
Description: With mass-produced tanks of their own design the Germans have broken through the Allied trench lines and into “the green fields beyond.” The last allied reserves of armor and infantry have been ordered to counterattack before the Germans reach the coast. Armor, infantry, cavalry, planes, mortars, guns, and a few surprises, this game will have it all!

Event: Wild West Exodus Demo
Host: William McClelland
Genre: Western/Steampunk Tabletop
Ruleset: Wild West Exodus
Players: 2-4
Description: In the twilight years of the Nineteenth Century, mankind is perched upon a new age of discovery and enlightenment. But beneath the hope and optimism, a rising darkness taints the air, touching the heart of every man, woman, and child. The United States has clawed its way out of a terrible civil war, but the wounds are deep. The nation finds itself poised on the edge of ruin, the agony of division eating at its very marrow.
Into this dark time a light of hope emerges, carried from the Old World by Dr. Burson Carpathian, scientist, visionary, and would-be savior. But Dr. Carpathian, too, follows a path laid out for him by the darkest of powers: a force of remorseless corruption. The Dark Council. Under the influence of these mysterious strangers, the men and women of this terrible new age struggle with every fiber of their being, clawing for the least scrap of victory. There is no certain future as a continent is torn apart, each isolated faction struggling to maintain their share of power beneath the gathering darkness.
Wild West Exodus is a dynamic, fast-paced semi-skirmish game in a world very much like our own, but twisted by the forces of deepest evil. An advanced D10 system is coupled with an innovative Influence mechanic to simulate the powers of the Dark Council upon their unwitting pawns. Players must choose how they will gamble with the power of their patrons: spread the Influence throughout a turn, hoping to ease destiny onto a brighter path, or hold the influence, to be entirely cast upon one roll of the dice?