Below is a complete listing of the tournaments offered at this years Siege of Augusta. New tournaments will be listed as soon as they are available. If you are sponsoring a tournament, please email the director at (and CC to make sure it shows up on this page ASAP!).

Bolt-Action Tournaments

Contact: Kalissa Skibicki
Registration: Friday @ 10:30am
Click here for a copy of the tournament rules.

Bolt-Action Team Tournament

Time: Friday, 10:30am-7:30pm

Bolt-Action Singles Tournament

Time: Saturday, 8:30am-5:30pm

Bolt-Action Tank Tournament

Time: Sunday, 8:00am-3:15pm

Flames of War Tournaments

Contact: Alan Sheridan

Late-War Tournament (1680 points)

The Effingham County Middle School Miniatures Club will sponsor a 1680-point LW v4 Flames of War tournament on January 13th, 2018. This is an adult tournament (some students will also play). It will have a three round, 2.5 hours per round, Red-on-Blue format. Player maximum is 20 (this may be adjusted if more players confirm they are attending by Jan 1st.) Players should submit their list to Alan Sheridan by Jan 6th at Those turning in lists by the deadline will begin with one VP. It would be appreciated if you can bring both an Axis and Allied force to play to help with play balance if you are able and willing. Players will consult the more missions chart and roll for a mission every turn using the Flames of War More Missions Pack before the beginning of each game. Here is the mission list just released on 8/16: . Should BF update this before the tournament then players should plan to use the updated mission plans. Cost is $10 plus you must pay the convention fee to get in. Bids beginning at $5 for first round play will be accepted. This event will be submitted to the Rankings for Flames of War tournaments.
Entry Fee: $10
Registration: Jan 1st deadline, lists submitted for approval by Jan 10th.
Sign-up: Click here to sign up.
Time: Check-in Saturday 8:30-9, Round 1 9-11:30, Lunch 11:30-12:15. Round 2 12:30-3, Round 3 3:30-6. Standings and prizes 6:30-7.

Team Yankee (100 points)

This will be a three round, two-and-a-half-hours per round tournament beginning at 9 AM and ending by 7 PM. There will only be short breaks between games so players are advised to bring their lunch or purchase it onsite (they have a very nice lunch kiosk set up just outside the main ballroom). Cost is $10 to register plus you must pay the Siege entry fee. The intention is to play this as a Red-on-Blue tournament. If players have the flexibility to bring forces to be able to play either Warsaw Pact or NATO it would help with balancing the force mix. IF there are too many of either alliance then players should expect to play against an Allied force. Missions will be determined using the More Missons Pack listed below. Here is the address for the missions pack: . I am not picking a mission, both players will consult the chart and roll for a mission. I think that addresses the questions posted by “DaGrinch” earlier. This just came out today so we will plan to use it- should BF update it before the tournament expect to use the updated missions pack.
Entry Fee: $10
Registration: Lists submitted for approval by Jan 5th.
Sign-up: Click here to sign up.
Time: Firday 9am – 7pm

Kings of War GT Southeastern-Mid Atlantic Qualifier (2018)

The main tournament (2250 points) is Saturday, with a historical 1500-point event on Friday night.
You can get the rules packet here.
Contact: Robert Brandon
Facebook: Click here to visit.
Sign-up: Click here to sign up.