Announcing SOA XXXIII (2024)

The theme of the Siege of Augusta this year is “Desert Wars of the Ancient World”. Other than that, there is little change to the format and details of the ‘Con.

Sassanid Horse Archer, by Eric Gray

Attendee Registration

As last year, the price for preregistration is $45. The price is $50 at the door. This covers two full days and a half-day on Sunday. Register here. The venue, once again, is the Doubletree by Hilton; there is a group rate, so be sure to mention the Siege of Augusta when you book your room.


The main gallery will be chock-full of games, and almost all are open to any who come. Our gamemasters will run a variety of popular, niche, and homebrew games; and if you don’t know it, they will teach you.

Do you want to run a game? We want you to run a game. You can sign up for a table and time on the events page.


Every year, we host a number of tournaments, including Kings of War, Flames of War, Bolt Action, and La Art de la Guerre. Check the tournaments page in the upcoming weeks for more information.


We have a fantastic cadre of vendors (most of whom are fixtures of the Siege, and return every year) who are ready and willing to accept all the money you can throw at them.

…but don’t actually throw it at them. It was just an expression.

Do you want to be a vendor? Check the page for dealer registration. Please take special note of the information listed there. Note that we have very limited space for “new” vendors, and most available slots for news vendors are already taken. If you want it, you better hurry.

The Siege Army

This SOA classic has returned! The Siege Army is themed after the Siege itself, so that mean Ancient 25/28/32mm Ancients, based for desert terrain.

Here’s how it works:

  • – You bring a fully-painted, based-for-desert unit (in this case, a “stand” of 12 pike, or 8 javelinmen, or 3 cavalry, or whatever).
  • – You place your unit in the pot and get a special raffle ticket.
  • – If you want more Siege Army tickets, either bring more units, or pay an exhorbitant amount for extra tickets (far more than regular raffle tickets).
  • – When it’s time to draw, if you are the winner, you recieve the entire Siege Army.

The Siege Army is highly prized, and don’t be surprised if you win, and subsequently receive an offer you can’t refuse. (no kneecaps)