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Siege Army Update (part 2) – Painting Successor Troops

Successor Phalanx, by Brandon Felger In the previous post, I suggested some possible eras and armies to use as inspriation for the Siege Army. This post, however, is for folks who picked up unpainted minis for the Siege Army at SOA ’23. These figures are from Warlord Games’ “Hail Caeser: Successors Starter Army” boxset, generously… Read More »

Siege Army Update (part 1)

Are you participating in the Siege Army raffle? With just a little over a month until SOA XXXIII, now’s the time to get serious about putting together painted, based unit to contribute. You still have time to source figures and paint them, or find a unit for sale or trade (that’s right; there’s no requirement… Read More »

Announcing SOA XXXIII (2024)

The theme of the Siege of Augusta this year is “Desert Wars of the Ancient World”. Other than that, there is little change to the format and details of the ‘Con. Sassanid Horse Archer, by Eric Gray Attendee Registration As last year, the price for preregistration is $45. The price is $50 at the door…. Read More »